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Digital & Analog Simulcat solutions

Need to replace backhaul linking for
an existing simulcast LMR system?

Simulcast is an ideal option for non-urban areas where coverage is required over a large area but without a large number of users. Offering multiple land mobile radio base stations on the same frequency with overlapping coverage, simulcast is a cost-effective solution to cover rural locations with few users.

Key advantages include:
► SPECTRALLY EFFICIENT – by re-using the same frequency to transmit on the network.
► SEAMLESS OPERATIONS – reducing channel switch within a simulcast territory.
► EASY EXPANSION – reducing the time needed to expand the network with additional licensing coordination.

High-performance Mimomax Tornado radios with 4-Wire Audio Interface provide ultra-low latency, low jitter, high throughput capacity, and reliability. Simulcast system (analog/digital) can efficiently cover a wide range of areas in a single full duplex frequency. With the combination of MIMO, Full-Duplex, and High Order Modulation, Mimomax Tornado radios ensure the highest possible simulcast performance. This solution is ideal for upgrading or replacing existing simulcast backhaul or installing a new analog system using existing frequency licenses.

“Analog simulcast is a tricky application and successfully deploying such a system requires the land mobile radio base stations to be very well synchronized. Therefore, our focus with this project has been on avoiding any variation in latency. The tests we have carried out with one of our key customers have provided excellent results and we’re pleased to be able to bring this solution to the market.”


EFFICIENT QOS SYSTEM – allows Mimomax to have a high priority queue and maintain the criticallity of voice communications. In addition, the serial 4-Wire audio connections placed at a guaranteed bandwidth to ensure the
radios can transport data efficiently.

with latency of sub 10ms, low jitter of 50 ns and achievable Bit Error Rate (BER) of 1 x 10 -10 in a Point to Point configuration. Tornado radios use technological advancement to ensure a synchronized mobile radio base station and maintain highly stable latency rates.

HIGHEST CAPACITY – using a combination of MIMO, Full-Duplex, and High Order Modulation, Tornado radios provide
the highest throughput capacity in the narrowband market. This technological advancement allow Mimomax to support
up to 25 P25, 30 DMR, and 6 E&M Analog channels, with having residual bandwidth.